Handmade Luxury Mosaic Handbags! Established in Abu Dhabi.

Our Story

Our Founder

Dominique Waters is the founder of Ziva Naseer. She started the company in Abu Dhabi after several years of teaching. Eventually, she moved away from education to pursue her lifelong dream of working in high-end fashion. After moving to Dubai, she built relationships with experienced creatives and discovered a mentor who could help guide her through the process. Her mentor was able to teach her about the traditional ways of handbag crafting and design.

About Metal and Wood Mosaic Handbags

Metal and wood mosaic handbags are a cultural and traditional statement piece in India, the Middle East, and Northern African Culture. Traditionally, mosaic handbags were given as gifts during special occasions and specifically joyful milestones in any woman's life. Ziva Naseer handbags, clutches, and crossbodies are made with excellent quality and are designed for the modern woman while paying homage to the beauty that exists around the world.
All Ziva handbags are exclusively handmade by our chosen team of master craftsmen, originally from India, to maintain the authenticity of our products. Each of our designs is a contemporary blend of vintage and bespoke artwork inspired by Dominique’s time living in the UAE. Our work is custom created by shape, size, style, and the materials used. We are unique in every way and are proud to be a woman-owned, small business in the California Bay Area.

What Ziva Means

Ziva in Arabic means Radiant, which is what our bags represent. We are constantly developing our products to ensure our commitment to producing luxurious and long-lasting pieces is at the forefront. Our materials include naturally sourced mother of pearl, abalone, and cowrie shells, clay ceramic tiles, resin jewel-tone embellishments, hand-carved pendants, brass studs, velvet fabric for our inside lining, and beautifully repurposed metal and wood as the base of each purse. We love what we do and hope that our passion radiantly shines through our products. Your Ziva Naseer bag will be admired for generations to come, making them stylish heirlooms that transcend any trend.

Why Keeping Traditions Alive Is Crucial

At Ziva, we are passionate about keeping traditional mosaic crafting alive. By purchasing Ziva Naseer products, you help us to support the future of our craftsmen and carry on a tradition with authenticity. With Ziva Naseer, you can be sure to make a bold fashion statement that will last for many years to come!

Dominique Waters, Owner

If you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us. Ziva Naseer looks forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting Ziva Naseer! We hope that you can find a bag or clutch that fits your style.