Handmade Mosaic handbags and accessories! Established in Abu Dhabi!

Meet Our Founder

Dominique Birdsong, Founder

I'm Dominique Birdsong, the proud owner of Ziva Naseer, a luxury mosaic handbag brand that celebrates art, culture, and individuality. My journey began with a profound inspiration from my grandmother, who owned over 200 cherished purses. Witnessing her traditions of switching purses with the seasons and gifting them during significant milestones left a lasting impact on me.

Living in Abu Dhabi for six years further ignited my passion for creativity and a desire to create lasting legacies for my customers and future generations. I yearned to craft something meaningful and unforgettable, a collection of handbags that would connect with each wearer on an emotional level.

Ziva Naseer was born out of a desire to provide women worldwide with unique and luxurious handbags that reflect our heritage and traditions. Our handbags are not your typical European leather or canvas; they are traditional handmade mosaic works of wearable art.

I am honored to share the beauty of Ziva Naseer with you and invite you to join me on this empowering journey. Together, let's celebrate culture, heritage, and the art of self-expression through our luxury mosaic handbags.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

With love,
Dominique Birdsong, Founder and Owner of Ziva Naseer