Handmade Luxury Mosaic Handbags! Established in Abu Dhabi.

Welcome to Ziva Naseer!

We are a Black Owned, luxury mosaic handbag brand established in Abu Dhabi. Our bags are made with meticulous attention to detail and feature vibrant colors and intricate designs. Our passion for fashion and art drives us to create statement pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're dressing up for a special event or just need something to take your outfit up a notch, Ziva Naseer has the perfect bag for you. Our one-of-a-kind clasps and unique designs are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

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What people are saying!

I want all of them!!!! Honestly I randomly fell upon the ig page, and boy was I missing out! These bags are gorgeous and even better in person!! Fast delivery, beautiful package, and gorgeous product!!! Told all my friends and waiting for a few to become un-sold out!!!

Handbag: Bella


I am in love with this beauty. I can not wait to use my handbag.

Handbag: Ziva Rouge


Let's get into how BEAUTIFUL this bag is PLEASE and thanks!!! I just got it today. I've set it up on my table and have just been LOOKING at it since😍😍😍 Sent pics to all my girls. This bag is versatile, it's classy, it's fun.... It's MINE😂 Looking to get another style soon. Get the bag, sis.

Handbag: Poetic Ziva


I love love this bag. It arrived in a luxurious package and on time. Very happy with it.

Handbag: Arabic Eye Candy


 They are the most beautiful handmade bags and I know you are going to just fall head over heels for them!!!

Samantha Ruble (GoFrenchYourself.com)

Ziva Naseer is obviously my fav purse brand of the season!!!

Monique Spearman (Fashion and lifestyle Blogger)

This bag is absolutely gorgeous!  It's like a jewel on your arm.

Handbag: Multi Mini

Carbon and Coal

These handbags, designed and handcrafted by Ziva Naseer, are more than an accessory they are a statement!!!

Our Hands Feature

My new favorite bag! I’m absolutely in love with this handbag! It’s a great statement piece and the craftsmanship is perfection. I’ll definitely purchase another.

Handbag: Bella


The Meaning of Ziva Naseer

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Our Foundation Is Built on Self-Belief, Passion, and Creativity

At Ziva Naseer, we are passionate about inspiring confidence in our customers. We believe that fashion should be a reflection of your personality and style. Our goal is to empower you with the perfect accessory for any outfit so you can feel radiant, confident, and unstoppable!

Our founder, Dominique Waters, wanted to move away from teaching and follow her passions. She moved to Dubai and was able to find a fashion mentor. Ziva Naseer is the result of her hard work, determination, and creativity. She is the embodiment of Ziva Naseer's mission to ensure everyone has access to fashionable and timeless pieces.

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Importance of Metal and Wood Mosaic Handbags

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At Ziva Naseer, we are passionate about bringing you stylish, luxurious handbags that reflect your personality and make you feel radiant.

Let Ziva Naseer make sure you sparkle wherever you go! Start shopping now and experience Ziva Naseer's statement-making luxury handbags today!

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