Handmade Mosaic handbags and accessories! Established in Abu Dhabi!

A New Collection by Ziva Naseer


Candy's Delight: A Vacation of Whimsy

As the sun rose over the quaint coastal town, Candy eagerly donned her favorite brunch ensemble. Her Candy bag, a playful masterpiece of pink and blue mosaic hues, perfectly complemented her vibrant personality. With her iPhone snugly tucked inside, she set out for a day filled with laughter, music, and the promise of cotton candy skies. 


Indigo's Odyssey: Bold Adventures Await

Indigo, a fearless adventurer with a love for bold fashion, embarked on a journey that promised both excitement and sophistication. Her Indigo bag, a striking blend of orange and purple mosaic brilliance, added an electrifying touch to her ensemble. Paired with her favorite block-patterned skirt and structured blouse, she explored bustling markets, each step a testament to her daring spirit. 


Citrus Dreams: Embracing the Exotic

Under the golden sun of a tropical paradise, Citrus reveled in her vibrant surroundings. Her yellow dress flowed gracefully as she explored, the Citrus bag swinging by her side. Its fusion of yellow and green hues mirrored the lush landscape, a testament to her zest for life. With each adventure, Citrus embodied the essence of wanderlust and brought her dreams to life. 


Plum's Enigma: Muted Elegance

In a European city's charming alleys, Plum strolled with mystery. Her Plum bag, a fusion of dark green, navy blue, and vibrant plum hues, echoed her sophisticated yet rebellious allure. As the sun set, she swapped shoes for Doc Martens, embracing bold style. Explore Plum's enigmatic journey of elegance and rebellion. 


Crimson's Triumph: A Tale of Empowerment

Amidst the urban skyline, Crimson strolled confidently, her red bag a symbol of strength and power. Its silver and gold accents glistened in the sunlight, mirroring her unwavering determination. From important meetings to celebratory soirées, Crimson's presence was magnetic, a true embodiment of empowerment. 


Sable's Night Out: Dancing Under the Stars

The city's dazzling lights reflected in Sable's bag, a dazzling combination of dark browns, golds, and blacks. As twilight descended, Sable slipped into her holiday sequin dress, the bag's high-shine intensity enhancing her ensemble. With a statement necklace and delicate gold jewelry, she radiated elegance, capturing the attention of all who crossed her path.